Book of Hezekiah


Cool Mousepad - Now Available!  Only $4.95 !

Not exactly what Joshua said, but this clever Mousepad  is a constant reminder of what we should and shouldn't be doing on the computer!  A great Christian gift idea for that graduating senior.   Buy it in the Store with PayPal, or


The Book of Hezekiah -  Coming Soon

You may know someone who'se Bible quotes don't always sound so...Biblical.  "The Book of Hezekiah and other Holy Cows" is a paperback book that exposes more than 70 common sayings and where they came from.  Is it really in the "Good Book?"  It's in the Book of Hezekiah!  Click the picture in the Store.

Book of Hezekiah Board Game - Free with Book

A great Game; fun for the whole family and Free when you buy "The Book of Hezekiah and other Holy Cows!"  Get all the details on the Free Board Game page.


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