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   With so much interest in Bible quotes and sayings, we put together a talk on the "Book of Hezekiah," and the origins of those modern sayings.  Its a lot of fun for an audience of any size. 

   If you want us to speak to your group contact us through the "contact us" page! 

   This is a fun discussion that deals with folks quoting "scriptures' that don't sound so scriptural.  We have done a lot of research and study and the process has helped us grow in our Chrsitianity.  The book not only provides references for scripture sayings, but a background and explanation of quotations in context from the Bible.  We are continuing to grow and learn from the Bible.

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The authors of this book are Christians of different denominations who found common ground in writing this book.  If you disagree with the explanations we provide, first remember we use the Bible, not man-made doctrine or creeds, as our primary source.  If you still think we goofed it, please send us a note to explain where you think we went wrong.


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