Book of Hezekiah


"The Book of Hezekiah"

A running joke in my family is to say “Like the Good Book says” and follow it with a non-Biblical quote such as, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  Assuredly, someone will reference the quote as being from "The Book of Hezekiah."  Of course “Hezekiah” isn’t actually a book of the Bible…but it sure sounds like one doesn’t it?  In fact, Isaiah 36-39 contains an account of the fall of Assyria and the rise of the nation of Babylon during the reign of King Hezekiah, a godly king of Israel, but there is no “Book of Hezekiah” in the Bible.  

   The Book of Hezekiah is a papeback book that examines more than 70 of these non-Biblical quotes, and some proper Biblical quotes which are often misunderstood and used in fallacious Biblical arguments.  Sometimes context is lost and the meaning with it. 

   Similar to a person mentioning Shakespeare’s “Kill all the lawyers” quote from Henry VI but not understanding the context and therefore taking the meaning exactly backwards.  Context matters, and this book provides that context and real meaning for you.  You may be surprised how context may even affect some of your favorite Biblical quotes.


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